Woman wants help car

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Hilary Noack admits it can be rare to see even one woman working at an auto body repair shop. But she says there are enough women interested in auto repair that she is getting ready to open a garage operated by an all-women team. I thought it would be a really interesting and cool idea to have a shop that was [run by] all females," she told CBC News.

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It closes March The funding would help cover first and last month's rent of a space and materials such as primer, paint and sheet metal as well as advertising. But she and her small team already own a of the tools and equipment. Noack is not fazed by some criticism of the all-women garage. I think it's more of the focus on being female-owned and operated.

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The concept of an auto body shop owned and run by women is not entirely new. Jessica Gilbank opened Ms. Lube in Little Italy but the venture has since closed. Noack's vision for the shop she hopes to operate in the city's west-end is a focus on restoration and custom work.

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In fact, her foray into the industry started with a Oldsmobile she bought at the age of But even more so, Noack said she wants to encourage and provide training to young women who have an interest in the auto body industry but are skeptical they can break in. Noack said she hopes to "break the stereotypes that it is a male-dominated industry because women can do it just as well as men.

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Toronto To break stereotypes, Toronto woman wants to open all-female auto body shop Hilary Noack admits it can be rare to see even one woman working at an auto body repair shop. Social Sharing.

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Noack said she chose the crowdfunding route to gauge reaction.

Woman wants help car

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