What you mature woman

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She needs no drama in her life and she is always there for you. There is a chance that you, my friend, are finally in a relationship with a mature and complete woman. If you are looking to settle down or just to start a relationship with her, you will see that she brings a whole new set of experiences to the table and that a relationship with her will be like no other.

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She will try to talk to you about everything that has been bothering you and you will finally feel safe being vulnerable around her. She knows that there is no need for sugar-coating things and that you deserve the truth—just like she does. She will make it work for both of you. If you start talking about your day, she will probably find some weird lesson in it and you will be shocked at how amazing her brain works. There is no need for drama or nagging and she knows it.

She knows that nothing productive will come from screaming and shouting at you, or throwing things around. If you two ever have a problem, chances are she will solve it in a kind but still decisive way. A true mature woman is strong and independent.

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If you fool her once, she might let you off the hook, but do it a second time and the next thing you know, she will be packing her bags and leaving. She might read books, work out or something in-between. And you better not disappoint her.

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She will help you to not make any stupid decisions. Amy Nicholson knows all the questions you can ask your lover, your friend or a complete stranger. She makes it fun and she turns it into a game! Christine Keller.

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9 s You Are With A Mature Woman, Not A Girl