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Vertebrates indicate their genetic sex to conspecifics using secondary sexual als, and al expression is often activated by sex hormones. Among vertebrate aling modalities, the least is known about how hormones influence chemical aling.

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Our study species, the red-sided garter snake Thamnophis sirtalis parietalisis a model vertebrate for studying hormonal control of chemical als because males completely rely on the female sex pheromone to identify potential mates among thousands of individuals. How sex hormones can influence the expression of this crucial sexual al is largely unknown. We created two groups of experimental males for the first experiment: Sham blank implants and E2 17 beta-estradiol implants.

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E2 males were vigorously courted by wild males in outdoor bioassays, and in a Y-maze E2 pheromone trails were chosen by wild males over those of small females and were indistinguishable from large female trails. Biochemically, the E2 pheromone blend was similar to that of large females, and it differed ificantly from Shams. For the second experiment, we implanted males with 17 beta-estradiol in but removed the implants the following year ; Removal. That same year, we implanted a new group of males with estrogen implants Implant.

Removal males were courted by wild males in implant intact but not in removed. Total pheromone quantity and quality increased following estrogen treatment, and estrogen removal re-established male-typical pheromone blends.

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Thus, we have shown that estrogen activates the production of female pheromone in adult red-sided garter snakes. We propose that the homogametic sex ZZ, male may possess the same targets for activation of sexual al production, and the absence of the activator 17 beta-estradiol in this case underlies expression of the male phenotype.

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Toggle menu Go to search. Search Field. How to make a sexy snake: estrogen activation of female sex pheromone in male red-sided garter snakes. Submitted by marshach on Mon,

Sex women with snake online

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