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Big girl w a huge butt. I hate being rejected at home when i want sex. Blonde woman want nsa Come to you for a massage.! Wife has no interest and not do to anything I have or have not done - just is what it is. If you have a similar situation OR would like to chat - would like to connect with you. Need to be discreet.

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I look forward to hearing from you. Please put " let's explore" in subject line so I know it is not spam. Description: Why is it that guys say that they want one thing and then decide they want another? I am not saying that you can't blame women for the same thing. I know that in the past I have been a little flaky. But here it is now. I know what I want. I want my special someone.

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I want someone who I know will be there at the end of the day. Someone who doesn't play stupid games. Someone who wants a serious, long term relationship. Someone who wants to wake up next to me. Someone who wants to be around me no matter what. I don't need clingy, but I mean genuinely is their happiest when they are around me. I want someone who wants to call me when he gets the big promotion the minute he gets out the door because he knows I will plan for a special dinner and have champagne chilling.

Someone who kisses me on the forehead in line for the movies. Someone who goes to see the corny girlie movie because I sat through the awful action flick just to hear him and how excited he is about the "gnarly gun battle" afterwards. I am ready to be someone's girlfriend, someone's best friend. As cliche as that might sound. Things you should know right off the bat- I am intense.

I am a scorpio, supposedly intensity comes naturally to me. I am a christian. Not shove it down your throat type, but I know what I believe and I have found it is easiest if you believe as well. I am very goal oriented. I own my own business, work part time, go to school for my MBA. Most of my available time is either in the late evening or morning.

My weekend is Friday and Saturday. I have a cat and a dog whom I love very much. I delight in the stupidest television shows. I love flowers. I am a short little blonde and I tend to like bigger guys, both taller and heavier set. Not like lbs, but bigger. I am girly. I like ruffles, and skirts and manis and pedis. At the same time I love sportsfootball, baseball and UFC are my fave. I like to golf and play some mean Tennis Wii haha So if something sounded right to you, write me.

I am waiting. And I am super tired of dealing with spaztastic, immature, arrogant guys so if you "aren't sure what you want", "Want to take things slow" i. Sleep with me until you are bored or if you "don't have time for a serious relationship" then please don't waste my time or yours. I think so. Woman want hot sex Sometimes you just need some adult attention. Description: 39yrs male married in relationship with no sex seeking female for sex!

YOU: You were the lovely femme trying to paddle-board in the water by the pier, and failing miserably but laughing about it. You admitted to being a bit of a geek and mentioned that you wore glasses, and I admitted that I secretly have a thing for glasses on beautiful women. I kept apologizing for interrupting and explained that I have a tendency to babble -- and you said you loved to listen more than talk anyway.

You compared the sunset that evening to one that you had seen from the Mediterranean coast, and mused happily about your love for travel. We briefly described the relationships that we had been in before, and you told me that you had a tendency towards long-term, commitment minded partnerships.

You stated emphatiy that nothing is more important to you than total honesty. We discussed what it means to truthful, white lies and the practice of lying by omission. I asked how you spent your time, and you smiled as you talked about your best friends and your hobbies. I confided that I love to garden but consistently let plants die, and therefore have toyed with the idea of ing a co-op somewhere in Austin. I asked if you liked to dance, and your answering smile was so brilliant that I did not listen to the answer. I asked for your story -- how you knew you were gay, how you handled it, whether or not your relationship with God had affected or been affected by it.

You remarked on how rare and delightful it was to share conversation about those deeper topics with a perfect stranger, and I was relieved to hear you say it. After it got too dark to see, you hugged me and took your paddle board back to the rental dock. I sat on the pier and thought about how blessed I had been to share the hours as the sun went down with you.

I am open to meeting a wide variety of women, and I know that my "dream girl" experience may end up looking completely different. This was just a nice break from writing and reading all those, "I actually do enjoy long walks on the beach" self-aggrandizements that are so essential on dating websites these days.

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Why is it that guys say that they want one thing and then decide they want another? Looking for sensative breasts Single wife wants sex. Peillissippi comp lab girl Sexy adult want flirt. I am a:.

Sex dating in Laughlintown

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