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We will teach you the ropes on how to effectively train your sub. Submissive training, as the name implies, is a series of activities that involve mental and sexual conditioning techniques between the dominant and the submissive. If you want to take the dominant role, you need to learn how to effectively work through the dynamic. As with all kinky and sexual activities, a discussion is a must. Why do you and your sub need to do this? Is your sub tired of taking control of every aspect of their life that they want a quick break from it?

Did some movies about BDSM spark your interest? Are both of you just doing this for fun or is it because you want to strengthen your relationship? What are the things your sub wants to try during the submissive training? What technique would you want to use when you train your sub? Are there fantasies that both of you would like to incorporate on the scene? With that, you need to establish the limits as early on. Having boundaries and limits allows the submissive to explore their sensuality safely.

There are two kinds of limits—soft and hard. As the name implies, soft limits are the activities that are negotiable. Your sub might be interested in learning more about it, or simply is not ready to do that particular activity. Once something has been decided upon, the sub may agree to do some of the soft limits or even be demanded from you. On the other hand, hard limits are the things your sub will never do. This is vital for submissive training. A safeword is a word or al that ends the BDSM play instantly.

Once your sub has said the safeword, the activity stops, and the roles are stripped away. Also, make sure to establish a non-verbal safeword. Examples are hand als, specific head movements, or patterned hand taps. Do you want your sub to be wearing latex garments?

Want to add some roleplaying in the mix and make them wear certain uniforms? Do you want your sub to wear specific perfume? Your sub also has a say on this. Your sub can also request you to have a specific presentation during BDSM plays; For example, your sub wants you to wear formal attire during the deed. Once the presentation is laid out, you need to establish how your sub will address and communicate with you and others. Should your sub call you master, mistress, queen, king, sir, or madame? Are profanities allowed during the BDSM plays? Will you talk to your sub in a warmer tone, or do both of you prefer a colder-type of communication?

These are things that you should consider when talking about forms of address.

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Part of the dom-sub dynamic is the service. During this discussion, you need to talk about the services that you want to get from your sub. Do you want your sub to do the chores for you? Do you want your sub to fulfill your sexual needs These are some examples of the topics you can talk about during this discussion. Once the forms of service are laid out, make sure to train your sub properly on these tasks levels of service.

You can also set a time limit for the asments, just to solidify your standards and spice things up. As for this one, you need to train your sub on how to handle themselves within a situation. You need to establish levels of playfulness too.

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This discussion will also help you establish the time when your sub needs to be serious and time when they can be a bit more playful. For starters, you must learn the conditioning techniques. Here are some conditioning techniques that you can use during the submissive training. Every time he would feed the dog, he would ring a bell to al that food is to be given.

He did this repeatedly until eventually, even when there is no food, just the ring of the bell would make the dog salivate. Training a sub is essentially like that. What we want is for your sub to react consistently to you. When you issue a command or suggestion, it should be good as done. A simple translation of this concept to the kink is when you use a particular sex toy. For example, a dildo. If you use it frequently enough, it could elicit a desired sexual arousal response.

Or even just a simple command. The command is the stimulus. This technique is a way for you to encourage and maintain desired behaviors and discourage unwanted behaviors. On the other hand, if your sub stopped following your rules, you then give negative reinforcement spanking, whipping, sexual deprivation, nipple play, electro play, etc. This will condition them to continue following your orders and decrease unfavorable actions. Some subs tend to ask for attention through unfavorable actions. Another conditioning technique to train your sub is by showing a step-by-step on how to do things properly.

If your submissive learns better through physical and verbal cues, the training will be so much easier for both of you.

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It allows for a lot of encouragement and is perfect if the submissive training requires your sub to reach a certain goal. Play training is a fantasy roleplay exercise. The real goal is to have a hot fun time. Having fun is important in power exchange. Just make sure that both of you are on the same. This one pertains to the training that the dom prefers like the specific etiquette, protocol, or rituals that he likes. For example, a sub might have been trained to wait for permission before eating but their new dom finds it annoying. So your sub must adapt to the preference of the new dom.

But it is better to have a sub that we ourselves have trained to bring coffee in bed every morning and who did everything exactly according to our preferences. If the sub has already been trained to do what you like, it deprives us of the pleasure of conducting the training ourselves and making it more personalized to suit us. Skill training is acquiring skills that are useful for the dom like cooking or massage. For example, you want to train your sub to become your personal chef, you then need to train them on how to cook your favorite meals.

If you want your sub to provide sexual services, you need to teach them different sex positions, blowjob techniques, roleplaying, etc. This is the kind of training that can help someone become fundamentally better at submission. Subs are called upon to clearly communicate their boundaries and darkest desires. To remain respectful and obey even when the temptation to do otherwise is great.

To be transparent about their most vulnerable feelings and reactions. These things are hard to do. These take self-awareness, discipline, sensitivity, and a strong grasp of intimate communication. Here are the 10 crucial steps that you need to do before, during, and after the training.

Keep your notes handy for this one, read away!

New sub looking to be trained

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New sub looking to be trained by a master or couple.