Needing a quick pick me up

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Just like last year, this January has been less-than-stellar for me. Whatever the reason, January is usually tough. And this one has been no exception. When I rediscovered this image I created, I realized that it would be a good time to start taking my own advice — and to share it, just in case anyone else out there could use some suggestions for those sad days.

If you find it too hard to write a love letter to yourself, give a gratitude list a try. Gratitude is a great way to focus on happiness! In fact, science shows that smiling might actually make you feel happier! Sadness — even just a little dip in your mood — can be exhausting, and you deserve a nice little rest. Go grab a favorite scoop of ice cream, order a pizza, schedule a spa day, buy yourself a new book — whatever it is you love, treat yourself to it! Decking out in your best gear will give your mood a boost.

For an additional happiness boost, give a new kind a try. Doing something new is a good way to perk up your brain! You know that person who always knows how to find the good in a situation?

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Call him or her up for a chat — and a mood boost. Another great option is to create a connection with someone positive. Check out the Happiness Amplification Project to learn more about increasing happiness.

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Check out my Stay Positive! Happy tunes can really boost your mood, and they work even better if you move to the music. One of my go-to tactics for down days is putting on some positive songs and dancing around my apartment. But I know a lot of people benefit from the bright hues and floral scents that flowers bring to a room. Another great scent-related mood booster comes from lighting a candle.

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I personally love anything that is sickeningly sweet think: fresh baked cake, frosted sugar cookies, etc. Try making your dinner a candlelit one or taking a bubble bath surrounded by scented candles. Whenever I feel sad, I grab a pen or my laptop and pour out my feelings, and, man, does it feel good. And the great thing is — you can get it all out you and not show it to a soul.

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Another way to break the rumination cycle is to go for a walk. Take a turn around the block, visit a local park, or go for a power-walk at your local mall.

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Add a soundtrack if you like like my Relaxing Walk playlist to keep excessive rumination at bay. Another great way to cheer yourself up is to watch a really funny film. My go-to film for sad days is Elf. Ask a friend for a recommendation or check online for good ideas. And even if it will, the pain will lessen as time goes on.

It helps, I promise. Like it or not, sadness is part of life. We all have our down days. We all have the moments that break our hearts, the times when we just feel like crying. But there are lots of little things you can do to help yourself cope with sadness. If you think you might be suffering from serious sadness or depression, please reach out to a loved one or a therapist and seek help. We can be happy every moment of our lives, but we all deserve as much happiness as possible. I love your art of pick me ups.

The sheep over the night mask made me giggle. All good tips! Thanks so much for the post!

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I find myself so down each and every January and can never seem to shake the blues — thanks for all your great suggestions! I hope they helped a bit with the funk. I hope these suggestions help! I really like your ideas, I will have to try them out. One thing that I usually do is just watch a sad film and get the tears out and not hold them back.

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I never realized how depressing January can be until this year. Next time I am feeling down I am going to try some of your tips. Thank you. Remember me. in. Lost your password? No products in the cart. The Blog. You might also like 5 Tactics for Coping with a Meltdown. Username Password Remember me in Lost your password? Cart 0. Shopping Cart 0. In. Instagram Tiktok Pinterest Facebook Twitter.

Needing a quick pick me up

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