Naughty witty chat

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Nothing turns me on more than laughter. Even if it's just to break the ice before you get into the really freaky stuff, having witty responses to sexting on hand is a great way to get the ball rolling. Especially if your hookup buddy is pretty witty themselves. I think the draw is the customization of sexual communication. And sex is popular. Before you can really get into the heat of the conversation, you need the perfect opening line. Here are some funny sexting jokes, double entendres, and other messages that will really get your point across — and let you get right to the good part.

Have fun with it! Michelle Drouinrelationship expert and psychology professor. This article was originally published on By Rachel Shatto.

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Updated: July 19, Originally Published: November 17, I was feeling a little off today, but just thinking about you turned me back on. I love my bed, but you know what I love more? I wish I were your phone, so I could be on you all day. Your face is a work of art. I wanna frame it with my legs. What time do you get off? Can I watch? Would you like to be one of them?

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Want to order some food tonight? Takeout is my second favorite thing to eat in bed, if you know what I mean. Want a job? It blows.

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Wanna come over and watch some porn on my full-length mirror? Into sales? You know what would look really great on you tonight? Just get naked. I think tonight, we should celebrate having sex with even more sex. Are you up for some casual sex tonight, or should I dress up? Experts Cited: Dr. Michelle Drouinrelationship expert and psychology professor This article was originally published on Search Close.

Naughty witty chat

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