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All time B-Boy classic! First time ever on 7" single! The album comes as a heavyweight 3xLP and deluxe 2xCD set, complete with extensive sleeve notes, and is jam-packed with heavy bass lines, synth and Wah-Wah guitar funk combined with the heavyweight percussion, powerful brass lines and the all-encompassing Latin rhythms of Cuban music known throughout the world. The music on this album reflects the most cutting-edge of Cuban groups that were recording in Cuba in the s and s — all searching for a new Cuban identity and new musical forms reflecting both the Afro-Cuban cultural heritage of a nation that gave birth to Latin music - and its new position as a socialist state.

Most of the music featured on this album have never been heard outside of Cuba. This Soul Jazz Records album is released in conjunction with Egrem, the Cuban state record company, and has been put together after the many crate-digging trips that both compilers have made on the streets of Havana and beyond in Cuba stretching over a year period, searching out rare and elusive original Cuban vinyl records.

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Everything here was ly unheard outside of Cuba, making this a feast for the curious" Vinyl District. Out-of print since its initial release over 8 years ago and not reissued and it features a monster 2 and a half hours of music!

And as well as the original pioneers, Deutsche Electronische Musik 2 also features many of the second wave of German electronic artists and groups from the late 70s and early 80s DAF, Asmus Tietchens, Rolf Trostel who successfully connected new wave, minimal synth and a European post-punk avant-gardism with the earlier more established Krautrock pioneers who began at the start of the 70s. The first seeds of German rock and experimental electronic music were planted inas students and workers in Paris, Prague, Mexico and throughout the world demonstrated against mainstream society, the war in Vietnam, imperialism and bourgeois values.

The birth of a counter-culture, drug experimentation and social change expanded musical worlds. Many German youth turning their back on mainstream society. These cooperative and communal experiences led to a of new radical German bands including Amon Duul, Faust and Can. Many artists and musicians believed a complete rejection of everything musically that had gone before was also necessary in order to build a new identity for German culture. Holger Czukay and Irmin Scmidt of Can studied music under the radical avant-garde composer Karheinz Stockhausen and Conrad Schnitzler studied art under the conceptual artist Joseph Beuys.

From this beginning German rock music began an evolutionary journey of experimentation. Electronic music became a pathway to notions of space and the cosmos.

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German electronic music, kosmische music, cosmic rock, space music. Dark and heavy! Expect super heavy basslines, equally heavy twisted Amen drum loops, even heavier ragga vocals! Original jungle style - roots and culture - from the earliest days of drum and bass. His multi-disciplinary creative life led to encounters and friendships with Nina Simone, Picasso, Eric Dolphy, Nana Vasconceles and other legendary cultural figures. McNeill grew up through the era of the Civil Rights Movement in the s and his life and work is a reflection of those ideals.

In the s he travelled throughout Brazil and West Africa studying music and taught music anthropology in the US. The world's greatest ever break? This album is released as a heavyweight black vinyl double-album with gatefold sleeve, full notes and download code, deluxe CD with full booklet and slipcase and digital album. These are very limited Studio One 12" pressings worldwide that sell out on the day they are released. So don't miss out here! The album has been out-of-print for 43 years and is lovingly remastered by Soul Jazz Records.

Tori is a stunning album that blends Brazilian and Latin flavours with deep Spiritual Jazz, recorded in This powerful new album is a high-concept collage of retro-futurist science-fiction music, which is fantastically illustrated by a specially commissioned cover de by the artist Eric Leea dramatic vision of life after humanity. This second edition Cold Wave 2 comes in two vinyl editions — a one-off pressing purple coloured vinyl edition and a black vinyl edition. Both come as heavyweight double vinyl housed in bespoke individual inner sleeves and the limited edition first pressing of this album comes with its own free pull-out fanzine on the groups featured.

All editions are printed in special dayglo colour finish. These first artists created new electronic musical landscapes as well as pursuing a stubborn D-I-Y aesthetic, often releasing material on cassette and pioneering use of lo-fi technology, primitive drum machines and home-recording techniques. As part of this continued evolution today many of the artists featured here also self-release their own material, run labels, publish fanzines, or are part of wider musical collectives.

Aside from the first electronic, no wave, and post-punk artists cited as influences —Suicide, Patrick Cowley, The Normal, Martin Hannett, Laurie Anderson, Public Image — this new generation of artists also show an exquisitely open source of electronic and disparate influences, everything from Underground Resistance to Purcell, from Scientist to New Beat and more besides. S from Georgia. All of the bands featured here make distinctive contemporary music out of the 80s roots of the first cold wave movement. This first edition of Cold Wave comes in two vinyl editions — a one-off pressing orange coloured vinyl edition and a black vinyl edition.

Soul Jazz Records new Studio One release Rocksteady Got Soul is a collection of uplifting and superb rocksteady and soulful reggae from the late s and early s. Studio One is the one label in the history of reggae and he album features - as ever with Studio One - an impeccable and unbeatable line-up of reggae superstars all soaring at the height of their creative powers.

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The album is a mix of classic tunes and rhythms alongside super-rarities that were released in a dazzlingly complex web of Studio One labels and issues, deftly navigated with new sleevenotes from author and Studio One authority Rob Chapman. But enough with the chatter, just spin the platter - these tunes rule the town, hands down! Also as jewel case CD housed in card slipcase. The album is also available digitally on day of release onwards.

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I mean this is a guy who at 19 was playing drums with Fela Kuti in Africa. He is a musical genius. This will be followed by a second album by Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid which will be released by Domino Records at the beginning of An ardent fan of the music, Peterson has contributed the sleeve-notes to "Spirit Walk" along with another long-time musical admirer Val Wilmer. Steve Reid is a true pioneer of boundary-breaking music. In as a conscientious objector to the Vietnam war he was sentenced to 4 years in prison where he then taught a Black history course to his fellow inmates.

This is the album we've all been waiting a long time for. Steve Reid is steeped in musical history and yet this album has a modernity all of it's own. Incredibly inspired electronic retro-futurists who were so ahead of their time that they eventually imploded. This is a classic album! In the space of five short years and as many albums at the end of the 20th century Add N To X caused havoc with their unique retro-futurist electronic music.

This classic album is released in a very limited one-off pressing transparent vinyl edition as an Record Store Day exclusive title. As ever the album is filled with a mixture of seminal cuts and super-rarities from the vast vaults of 13 Brentford Road. This album has been fully digitally remastered, analog cut and packaged complete with the following: Original sleevenotes by Lloyd Bradley author of When Reggae Was Kingcompiled by Mark Ainley Honest Jonshigh-quality Soul Jazz mastering, wicked images of Count Ossie and the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari on the cover, and a rare image of Clement Dodd and musicians inside the studio at Studio One on the full colour inner sleeves.

This can be attributed to a couple of factors. One was Dodd's apparent reluctance to record the new, overtly Rasta-inspired music. The other was an infusion of new blood into the Jamaican music business.

The music of this compilation is of a rare, rare beauty and is essential to anyone's reggae collection. New edition of this seminal album available as a copies edition only on new premium RED vinyl! He began his career as a teenager in the s as a drummer at Motown when he played on Martha and The Vandellas "Heatwave" aged At the end of the s Reid was sentenced to four years in jail as a conscientious objector of the Vietnam war.

On his release from prison inhe formed the Legendary Master Brotherhood and started the independent record label, Mustevic Sound, to release his debut LP Nova in This album is released in its entirety and with full original cover art here. Nova was the first in a series of stunning independent records he released in the s. At the start of the 21st century, his career took a new twist when Steve Reid began a successful collaboration with Kieran Hebden Four Tet.

Steve Reid died in New York in Subsequently the Steve Reid Foundation was set up in his name, to help aspiring musicians and artists. Nearly 18 years later there are over a dozen releases of his music, reissues of his original albums and more. That all the bands featured here manage to make distinctive contemporary music out of these 80s roots is testament to the wide range of other musics that are seamlessly absorbed into a modern melting pot of sound — hip-hop, the electronic European avant-garde, rave culture, and more.

The music on this album reflects the most cutting-edge of Cuban groups that were recording in Cuba in the s and s — who were all searching for a new Cuban identity and new musical forms that reflected both the Afro-Cuban cultural heritage of a nation that gave birth to Latin music - and its new position as a socialist state. There is no download with this particular album due to legal reasons.

Sorry for this error! Owned and founded by Clement "Coxsone" Dodd, Studio One's output serves as a comprehensive guide to the history of Reggae music. From the beginning of Reggae, when the Skatalites developed a new sound of Ska in up until today, Studio One has been the one innovator in Jamaican music. Featured here are many of the classic tracks from Studio One. The Coxsone Soundsystem in the early 60s was one of the three main soundsystems operating in Jamaica alongside his competitors, Prince Buster and Duke Reid.

The Studio One catalogue is possibly the largest in Jamaican music and this release is the first in a series of Studio One compilations on Soul Jazz Records. This album comes with an in depth interview with Mr C. Dodd, about how he set up and ran his record label in the s and s. A compilation of unbelievable quality. Deutsche Elektronische rarities unearthed on the album include Kalacakra whose fan-base included the great Moondog! Deutsche Elektronische 4 includes a wealth of German electronic experimental artists — the seminal pioneering group Harmonia Roedelius, Moebius and Michael Rotheravant-garde guru Conrad Schnitzler as well as lesser known synthetic artists such as Klauss Weiss, Deutsche Wertarbeit, E.

This album comes as a heavyweight triple vinyl edition with full colour inner sleeves, as well as a deluxe double CD edition with outsize booklet and slipcase. Both formats include full liner notes and extensive rare photography.

This album comes as a very limited one-off unique pressing of edition vinyl, limited editon CD and digital release. Hypnotic modal piano riffs, powerful brass and flutes, an army of Latin percussion instruments, and addictive vocal chants all combine in this powerful mix of radical 60s Afro-centric jazz, eastern spirituality and cosmology, and Latin American rhythmical movement. While the attention of this new wave of jazz artists has up until now has been London-based, this album shows how this movement is spread across the whole of Britain and indeed beyond.

This album also comes with extensive sleevenotes, artist interviews and exclusive photography. These two tracks do not feature on the vinyl edition of the album - this 12" single will will also be deleted on day of release. Two highly sought after tracks from Jackie Mitoo's legendary 'Showcase' album, originally released on Studio One in Hypnotic, blissed out funky reggae from Jamaica's finest - Bagga Walker on bass, Leroy 'Horsemouth' Wallace on drums, Ernest Ranglin on guitar and, of course, the inimitable Jackie Mittoo on keyvoards.

Housed in a heavyweight card Studio One sleeve these won't be around for long! Willie Williams' roots rock reggae classic Armagideon Time — the rare 12" extended Discomix version split into two sublime heavyweight slices and cut super-loud on a 12" single. This single is nearly impossible to find and features the ly unreleased deep soul ballad Teach Me on the B-side. It is the first in a set of exact-replica bespoke New Orleans funk 45s to go alongside our New Orleans Funk and forthcoming New Orleans Funk set of album releases.

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