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Hundreds of girls write to Indian PM, who himself promised last year to review the minimum age of marriage for women.

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Democrats plan to debate and vote on legislation aimed at stopping states from enacting tough anti-abortion regulations. Women in ethnic minority communities are most likely to suffer the economic and social disadvantages that this brings.

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Details of the assault turned Alibaba into the highest-profile symbol of the abuses prevalent in Chinese tech firms. Why one Afghan woman refuses to leave her home — even in the face of fear and uncertainty as the Taliban control.

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In the summers, women rappel down the well in Nashik and spend hours waiting for water to seep into ditches at bottom. Samia Suluhu Hassan under fire for suggesting that women footballers would not be attractive candidates for marriage. Seven months after severe restrictions came into effect, women are struggling with the emotional toll of the ban. Indian girls write to Modi demanding marriage age be raised to Biden, Democrats look to counter Texas abortion ban.

The Indian women rappelling down a foot well to find water.

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