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She placed it back down with a grin. That hit the spot. Glad you got the real thing again instead of that bargain brand store version. Can you hand me that cushion over there, on your left? Got you all excited, did I? Madam is a bit twisted and kinky Would you like that, Johnny? Getting to watch me and some hot Domme chick both naked, with her putting me through my paces?

But, you can have fun with yourself later thinking about it if ya want At least one of us is getting laid. Earth to Cyndi? Cyndi blinked, blushing slightly. And distracted. And I do so love how nice and relaxed I feel afterwards. I frowned slightly. Are you sure? I dunno Like you wanted it, but hated it at the same time Cyndi sighed, looking down. So, yeah I want you to hypnotize me again, Johnny. I need you to do this for me, okay? I just need to I want it to be you, Johnny. I smiled slightly, hiding the pain of her words.

Settling back into the recliner, kicking off her boots, she rolled her eyes. We have too much history together for me to ever see you in a dominant role. I trust you more than anyone else in the whole world, Johnny. After giving my bloodthirsty conscience enough ammunition to pretty much guilt me to death, my beautiful sexy best friend slipped into a very deep trance. Now I need you ask you some very important questions.

You will answer them truthfully, fully, and completely, withholding nothing. Do you understand? Did you think about me in any way during your little marathon sex session last night? Remember, you must answer truthfully, holding nothing back. Cyndi tensed for a moment, as if reluctant to speak, but eventually answered. I thought about you I wondered if it felt the same way, being fucked with a real cock Or being fucked by me, being taken that way, from behind?

I swallowed deeply. I love women I sighed deeply, dropping my head in defeat. It was a bit too soon to hope for such a fundamental change, anyway. Fair enough. However, I want you to do something for me, something very important.

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I want you I want you to think about what you are feeling when you have those thoughts, those fantasies. I want you to think about what they mean, and why you are having those kinds of thoughts about me during sex. Think long and hard about it.

Will you do that for me, Cyndi? Now then On the count of three. Cyndi blinked and blinked again, as animation returned to her face. I chuckled. Dominatrix going out to dinner tonight? She said it would be a surprise.

It feels so.

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Fuck, it gets me juicy every time I even think about it! Seeing her serious look, though, I continued. Unusual for you, maybe A lot of people live this kind of lifestyle, you know. I actually have some friends I chat with online that live that kind of life, online and in real life. One woman is a federal court judge, a woman with a lot of power and clout Is it weird that after work, at night, she lives the secret life of a submissive slave girl with no responsibilities, where she can only serve and follow the orders of her Master, who makes all the decisions for her?

Cyndi nodded softly, deep in thought. After a moment, she smirked. Luckily, the Madam was as good as her word. Still blindfolded, Cyndi nevertheless let out a shaky breath as the car door opened and fresh air filled her lungs once more. With her hands cuffed behind her, she was completely dependent on her Mistress to guide her, leaning into the statuesque young woman as she helped Cyndi out of the car.

She did, however, remove the blindfold. The brunette rubbed lightly at her wrists, glancing around in awe at the opulence of the place. Joanne chuckled. Your only responsibility tonight is to enjoy yourself. You can have anything you want, but make sure you save room for dessert. The chocolate mousse here is simply to die for! The food and wine was exquisite, and as Joanne had stated, the dessert was to die for.

Sighing in contentment in the passenger seat, Cyndi wondered idly if it were possible to keel over dead from too much chocolate mousse Despite only having known her little more than a day, she felt a deep instinctual connection with the lovely woman. Taking the initiative for a change, she pulled Joanne aside as she unlocked the door, pulling her into a tight embrace, kissing her passionately on the lips.

After a moment or two of tongue wrestling, she pulled away, chuckling. Besides, anticipation is all just part of the experience. Inside, they quickly retired to the bedroom, stripping off their clothes.

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Inside, Cyndi found a pair of black rubber panties with two large protrusions jutting out from them. She paused, a bit unsure, but Joanne stood there waiting patiently. Sighing inwardly, she slid her legs through the holes and slid the undergarment gently up her body. Cyndi stiffened, trying to will herself to relax as Joanne slid the dildo gently forward, closing her eyes, and trying desperately not to think about what was actually happening.

It felt different from the anal be used last night, just as filling and stretching, but different as well. Despite her misgivings, it did feel strangely good once it was fully in place, and she found herself juicing, eagerly awaiting the insertion of the second phallus.

Looking for kinkymaybe a little twisted

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