Looking for an adverturous outgoing woman

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Adventurous girls are often a little loud, a little reckless and a lot of fun.

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We like to be busy and tend to gravitate toward the quiet guy in the crowd. If he looks even a little bit socially awkward, we pounce. He smiles and nods, and sometimes lets out small chuckles. He knows your favorite drink just by going out with you and watching. He pays attention to your little quirks. You live on the edge of your comfort zone and he enjoys living there, alongside you. He needs to prepare himself for sexy texts and even sexier one-on-one time.

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He's probably never met a girl like you. It's fun to watch his reactions to your flirtatious advances and teases.

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Your understanding of couples is the act of two individuals choosing to date, not the sudden morphing of two humans. He surprises you by how respectful and considerate he is to you. You two have a comfortable and relaxed relationship, so most people want to in on the sweet vibe.

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Unbeknownst to you, adventurous girl, falling for him might be your biggest adventure yet. Simone Becchetti. Here are some reasons why the quiet guy is worth going after: He listens… really well.

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You sexually awaken him. He just loves being around you, even if that means sometimes taking a backseat role. He opens up to you, and only you. Your friends feel comfortable around him. Search Close.

Looking for an adverturous outgoing woman

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