Looking for a smaller guy

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Izabella Zaydenberg. One of the most body-shaming questions a man will get asked on any dating app won't be about his abs — it'll be about his height.

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Culturally, we're encouraged to find taller men more attractivebut at the end of the day, that's nonsense. Shorter guys — you know, the ones under 5'8" — are just as wonderful and sexy! Izabella Zaydenberg belkastrelka. Dec 29, PM SexandDating. Just consider these 21 celebrities you've probably drooled over in the past:. Bruno Mars is a steamy 5'5. Doesn't he look like Lenny Kravitz? Speaking of Lenny Kravitz, he's 5'7.

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That man can pull off a beanie like I can only dream of. Who can forget Kit Harington? Harington is a cool 5'8. Daniel Radcliffe is 5'5" and looks snazzy in a suit. Both Nick and Joe Jonas are 5'7. Those jawlines can sculpt diamonds. Zac Efron likes holding up phallic-shaped objects to his crotch, and he also happens to be 5'8. Tom Holland is a breezy 5'8. James McAvoy in sweatpants is 5'7.

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Pete Wentz, our favorite bae, is 5'6. Darren Criss is 5'8" of pure talent. Dave Franco, aka our favorite Franco brother, is 5'7. Aziz Ansari is Kanye West is 5'8," five inches taller than Kim Kardashian. Jonah Hill stands at 5'7" tall. Oscar Isaac is 5'7.

The Weeknd and Big Sean are the same height, 5'8.

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And Ed Sheeran — sweet Ed Sheeran — is all of 5'8. SexandDating Life. Get the latest from Revelist.

Looking for a smaller guy

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