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This is all based on a real life story between myself and an older woman, all persons are above the age of My first ever attempt at putting my tales on paper so constructive criticism is welcome. I have a very busy job in finance and one that has afforded me many luxuries I am blessed with however that has resulted in a limited sex life and as i approached the end of my 20's I found myself going away from conventional dating sites like Tinder and found myself ing a few dating s.

One of these was a more older mature crowd which suited myself as I have always had a love for older women, I find them sophisticated and believe they still very much have that sex appeal. After the usual introductions and browsing I was left a bit lost in this new world and got busy with work so left it for a few days, would often back in just to browse and admire some of the beautiful women who would post their pictures, woman of all shapes and sizes.

One evening I saw a post which sparked my interested and a back and forth ensued between me and Julie name changed. I politely asked Julie if we could continue this chat in private to which she accepted and a little jolt went through my body. We talked liked old friends and she complimented me on my manner for someone of such a young age.

I told her my story and explained I am mixed race Born to a Pakistani mother and a white British Father and have been working in finance for just over 8 years. She was happy to hear this as she had heard many older women being scammed by younger men for money to which I assured her this was not my intention. We would talk daily and I asked her about her life and situation.

She explained she was in an unfulfilling marriage where her husband has no qualms with her speaking to men online but he had no intention of fulfilling her sexual desires. At 58 she felt like she has so much more to feel and live and that is why she turned to the group as a way to explore her sexual side.

I felt for her predicament and was keen to learn more about this lovely woman. Julie was beautiful to me, from the pictures we exchanged she had a a gorgeous smile, small button eyes and silverfox grey hair. Her breasts were quite large and drooped low with a quite large brown areola.

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Her nipples looked tasty indeed. We had many a conversation about how I found her attractive and would be a sensual lover. She lived about 90 minutes from me and as luck would have it I would have a work meeting close by. She explained that it was her first time doing this and her husband would want to talk to me to make sure I was trust worthy and he might want to watch. This threw me off initially as I had never dome anything like this before. We have all seen the videos online of big black cocks entering a petite housewife while the husband records and this was not me being a very average sized penis.

After further discussion with both her and her husband I got comfortable with this and we set up a time and date and they shared their address. Extra aftershave, chewing gum and some nerves as i approached the address. A gorgeous property and I knocked on the side gate as they were expecting me. John The Husband was in the garden with a dog on his lap and invited me in with a large beaming smile and mine a more nervous return, what had I got myself into I thought!

As we approached the back door it opened and there Julie was to invite me in dressed in a towel type dressing robe she looked just like her pictures and we did the awkward hand shake as we all stood in the kitchen. It was now or never as I went for a hug with Julie and our eyes locked and we kissed. Our lips touching and tongues exploring. The passion was there, all the messages exchanged, the sexual chatter, the fantasies explores all led to this moment.

Her hand opened her robe which revealed a completely naked Julie. My hand went lower to scoop her breasts up and tweak her nipples as my lips slowly trailed to her neck as she let go of a soft moan. We totally forgot John was there as she led me upstairs to her bedroom, the one so familiar to me through all the pictures we shared. She went to undress me, my shirt buttons were slowly undone as she kissed down my chest her tongue trailing down and the sight unbelievable.

As she got to my trousers her hands slowly unzipping me down and exposing my boxers with a very hard tent poking out. Her hand stroked over it gently making me harder as she looked up and gave me a devilish smile. In one swoop the boxers were down and her hands at the base of my cock as her lips and tongue wrapped around my cock taking it slowly into her mouth, it felt amazing.

The tip of her tongue tracing down my shaft as they went to my balls and she kept going and licked at that spot inbetween my anus and balls, just like she promised in the chat. As I could feel my cock strain that bit more it was time to go on her bed and make ourselves even more comfortable.

Both now completely naked our tongues were playing as my hands massaged her ample breasts, tweaking at the nipples as my tongue went to her ears and then neck and the moans continued. Our naked bodies sliding effortlessly against one another felt amazing as my hand trailed further down to see what treasures awaited me. Her pussy soaking and my fingers opening her wider and rubbing her clit had the desired effect as i heard a noise in the corner of the room and her husband had appeared cock in hand watching as I rubbed his wifes pussy and my tongue was teasing her nipples.

This made me want to turn her on more and giver her everything she had been missing out on. After suckling on her breasts my tongue trailed down further as she looked on with anticipation, this is what she really wanted, this is what she missed, a man ready to heighten her senses and make her feel like a sexy woman again. Her pussy was shaved and ready for my tongue to trail down. She tasted amazing, my tongue slid down to her opening and dipped inside before going back up to the clit.

Round and round my tongue licked as my fingers explored her pussy. Her breathing getting heavier and her hand running through my hair moaning for me to keep going. Spreading her legs wider my tongue showed no s of slowing. As i paused and slipped ny fingers out her pussy we locked eyes and she saw me taste my fingers covered in her juices.

This drove her wild as I went to nibble on her clit and could feel her body about to cum. Her legs clasped my head as a deep moan escaped her mouth and her thighs shook at the pleasure rushing through her body. As the pleasure subsided I removed my mouth from her pussy and slowly kissed back upwards as we cuddled for a bit before she rolled on top of me and slid my cock into her now sloppy pussy.

Her breasts planted in my face as she slide on my cock feeling it deep inside her, her pussy felt so nice on my cock as she rode it. Her moans getting louder as my hands were spanking her ass. We changed positions to doggy as my hands held her waist to slide in to get deeper.

We were both close as I she said she wants me to cum inside her. This took me over the edge and I exploded inside her and felt her legs tremble also. We cuddled and kissed after the session, it felt amazing holding her in my arms. She walked me down naked and gave me one final kiss for the drive home. This felt amazing and made me pinch myself thinking of what i had done was even true. Try reading your drafts out loud, and put a comma in when you make slight pauses. A period and new sentence when the subject changes.

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I liked the build up, but in 2 paragraphs, they fucked and he was out the door. A little anti-climactic. I'd call this a Basic Fuck Story. By the way, what happened to him?

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You dropped him out in the middle of watching and never got back to him. You have a story, but you didn't "tell" a story. Is she a horny cougar?

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Did hubby fuck her after you left? The story itself isn't all that bad. However, you've got to find an editor!!! All of the run on sentences make for a difficult read; find someone who has a better knowledge of the English language and the use of grammar and punctuation! Log In Up. Explore New Story. Live Webcams Models Online Now! See all models online at LitWebcams. Swipe to see who's online now! Mature The Lonely Housewife and Me.

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Lonely mature fuck story

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