Is there a needle in the haystack

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An item that is very hard or impossible to locate, as in Looking for that screw in Dean's workshop amounts to looking for a needle in a haystack. Originating in the early s, with meadow instead of haystackthis metaphor exists in many other languages as well. This is a guy who has his son-in-law clean his eyeglasses, for crying out loud. Her travel clique has been known to arrive at an airport, bags packed, passport-in-hand, within hours of spotting a deal. Now-a-days it is the bankrupt who flouts, and his too confiding creditors who are jeered and laughed at.

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He felt himself the meanest, vilest thing a-crawl upon this sinful earth, and she—dear God! All that scientific bric-a-brac in the cupboard had far better be thrown away. Such throats are trying, are they not? In case one catches cold; Ah, yes!

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The needle of the archdruidress broke, as she shook her head viciously at the scoffer. Top Definitions Quiz Examples needle in a haystack. New Word List Word List.

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a needle in a haystack