I am generous do you snow ball

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Heading out the door?

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Put something on your head! Wearing layers of clothing will also help you stay warm. Pair up to keep tabs on each other. Make sure your buddy knows and follows all the tips in this post, and be ready to call it quits if anything gets dicey.

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Before you chuck, check! For rocks and other debris, that is. Try to use fresh snow from open areas for snowballs, instead of grabbing snow from sidewalks, ro or other places that might kick up dangerous debris to hide in a chilled projectile. Strenuous tasks could certainly include things like throwing snowballs. Or building a snow fort.

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Or shoveling your driveway. If you or your buddy show any s of troubling symptoms, head inside right away and for hypothermia, call Hypothermia symptoms include confusion, dizziness, exhaustion and severe shivering. Frostbite symptoms include numbness, flushed gray, white, blue or yellow skin discoloration, numbness, or waxy feeling skin. Stock your vehicle with key emergency kit items in case you have trouble on the way.

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And remember, stay off the ro during a winter storm if at all possible! Now go have some safe, well-deserved fun! Dress appropriately Boots and layers — check and check! I think. Check snowballs for rocks This man is doing a careful check of his snowball material with a sophisticated air sifting method.

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Be careful when tackling strenuous tasks One down, one hundred to go. Have an emergency kit in your vehicle Crossing our fingers they at least threw in some kitty litter before setting off. Error happened. Pin It on Pinterest.

I am generous do you snow ball

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