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In Hampton and Newport News, there are hundreds of registered sex offenders scattered throughout both cities — mainly in the southwestern area in Hampton and the downtown southeast area of Newport News.

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Those people either work or reside in the area and their offenses range from aggravated sexual assault and battery to possession of child pornography and sexual intercourse with a minor. According to the sex offender registry on the Virginia State Police website, there are approximately sex offenders in Hampton and in Newport News, or a combined registered sex offenders.

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Per state law, there are certain restrictions where sex offenders can live and while it may seem reasonable to group all sex offenders into one large group, not all offenders are prohibited from living near schools. Once convicted, sex offenders must re-register every 30 to days depending on the offense and once three years have passed, they are eligible to appeal the of times he or she can re-registers over the course of one year and in some cases, can re-register no more than once a year.

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If sex offenders fail to register or re-registerthe punishment can be up to 10 years in prison. The legal age to consent to sexual intercourse is 18 years old, but there are certain statues in place which allow young lovers to have sex and not be fined or worse, have their relationship be considered a misdemeanor or felony.

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With this particular clause, a person who can legally consent to sexual intercourse cannot be in a relationship with someone where the age difference is three or more years. If the two parties are close in age, such as a year-old and year-old or a year-old and a year-old, they can legally have sexual intercourse.

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