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Search Search the catalog, website, and events Get this item Add to list. Summary Dear person holding Fat Girl Walking First of all, thanks for picking up this copy of my first book. I hope you read Fat Girl Walking because I want to start a conversation. Or continue a conversation, one I inadvertently started a while ago when I took my clothes off on a stage in front of people. A lot of people thought I was awesome for doing that.

A lot of others thought a size 18 woman had absolutely no business showing off her body. Unfortunately for them, I've made it my personal mission on my blog, in social media, on television, and now in this amazing book you're holding, to destroy the ridiculous myth that every woman who is overweight hates her body and herself.

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We love our bodies. We love fashion. We are in loving relationships, having lots of sex. We aren't just a fetish, we're normal women. See, Fat Girls aren't freaks of nature. We're just like you. Maybe we are you. Fat Girl Walking is a collection of stories from my life, my thoughts about the issues that I have faced as a woman, wife, mom, daughter, daughter-in-law, and internet personality in regards to my weight.

I have tried to be as honest as I possibly could- apologies in advance to my husband and parents, but hopefully any discomfort you feel is quickly replaced by laughter. The insecure texts to my husband and summer camp hijinks are hilarious if I do say so myself. And I also ask some tough questions, things like "What if my husband weighs less than I do? No pressure, but we may just save all of womankind. Love, Brittany. Details Marc Record. Fat girl walking : b. Brittany Gibbons.

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Fat girls sex blog

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