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I will only send pictures via personal contact via my personal. I do not post on a public forum.

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Thank you for your understanding on this matter. I suppose that this means that I can be as moody as a rain filled day from a gentle soft warm shower to a full blown hurricane, which ever way the wind blows the clouds, warm as a sun filled day or as cold as a snowy day I expect your very best and demand that you always be truthful and honest, I will be the same with you. I do not switch, I am not submissive, and do not accept pleading from my treasured submissive. I could not think of not being a Dominant person I like to think that those that are in My service have found that My style of Dominance is the very best for them, not just physically, but deeper into the emotional and spiritual and mental aspects in their lives.

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My submissives are treasured and cherished and a gift to Me that I find the deepest respect for The submission and surrender of one's self into My safe keeping, guidance, mentoring and training is the most wonderful powerful feeling. My style is a combination of styles I also believe in magic and miracles up Free Today. This site uses cookies.

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OK More info. Last visit: Visible to members only! Up Now! I am not seeking just a playmate, but rather someone who wants what I am offering Gender is not limited Male, Female During our conversations before we meet, you should have learned some of my likes and dislikes. From those I feel confidant that you will be able to anticipate my desires.

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Service for me from my submissive To come home and find all my needs somewhat anticipated, so that the rest of the evening can be spent either rewarding or correcting my submissive. I enjoy watching the pleasure I can give, and seeing my submissive grow in their role with teaching.

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email: [email protected] - phone:(540) 955-4164 x 3414

Experienced Domme seeking male sub for RL FLR (no attached men!)