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Law enforcement and service agencies have known sex trafficking is a ificant problem in Nebraska. But detailed research and information has been lacking, until now.

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Mike Tobias shares what Creighton University researchers have learned about the scope of the crime. She and her research partner Terry Clark may know this better than anyone in Nebraska. In a Creighton University conference room they gave us a private PowerPoint presentation of their new research.

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How many Nebraska "sex workers" are potentially trafficking victims? Since Nebraska sees roughly sex workers in a month, this would mean that, potentially, sex workers a month are high-risk trafficking victims," Crysta Price said. A business fighting trafficking in India, and its connection to Creighton University November Sold for sex for 10 years, starting at age 6 Oct.

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Back requires users to agree to not post trafficking materials, blocks some and turns others over to authorities. Either way different people are for sale each month in our state. Almost all are female. Two heat maps show where sex is for sale in Nebraska. These indicate raw s of sex workers, but also per capita intensity of the commercial sex market. But there are s of activity in lots of smaller towns like Oshkosh, Geneva and Wayne, and high per capita intensity of sex advertising in places like Valley, Springfield and St.

Other findings reinforce the demand for young girls.

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Younger workers appear to travel more and more often work in groups, called stables. Which gets to the question, how much of this is voluntary and how much is trafficking? But the Creighton research shows seven out of 10 Nebraska sex workers with some indicator of being trafficked, and 15 percent with multiple indicators.

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The online are confusing, often misleading and not pleasant to look at. But academic research like this is valuable for Nebraska agencies and law enforcement. Get the latest from around Nebraska delivered to your inbox. Newsletters Get the latest from around Nebraska delivered to your inbox Subscribe Now.

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New research provides important information on Nebraska’s commercial sex industry and trafficking