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In a society that values women primarily for their youthful beauty, sexual and reproductive powers, the more we age, the more we lose value. Our currency as women is devalued. We are a powerful force not only in the lives of our families, but also in the general community. We are the first generation of women in history who, en masse, entered the professions and an unprecedented range of occupations.

We are the first generation in history to have spent decades in the workforce — full-time and part-time. The campaign to have more women in leadership positions must include not only young women, but also older women. Older women should be present in all levels of government, on boards and in the media.

Older women must also be more involved in making policy and dealing with the critical issues facing women as we age — senior entrepreneurship, ageism in the workplace, poverty, homelessness, innovative housing and social solutions, aged care and elder abuse.

The existing approaches to an ageing population are outdated and collapsing. And the political establishment has little awareness and no commitment to tackling these issues.

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A good starting point is proper recognition and acknowledgement of the critical roles women have played and continue to play. It denotes respected status, power, wisdom, leadership and knowledge. It denotes respect.

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It denotes appreciation of older Australians as a repositories of knowledge and experience. It recognizes their worth instead of dismissing them as worthless because of their age. As a 52 year old daughter, sister, mother, grandmother, widow, college graduate, employee, and recovering alcoholic…I long to see this stereotype changed.

by [ protected]. There is nothing positive about these appellations. They are either neutral or negative. They denote weakness, ugliness, helplessness and even evil. They constitute a massive put down.

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Until we become invisible. Ask around and hear how many older women will tell you they feel invisible. Men gain gravitas and authority as they age, women are enfeebled and disappear from the public stage. This does not reflect our true role in society. Nor does it reflect who we women are and how we see ourselves. We include millions of women, the first generation in history, to have higher education. We have a lifetime of expertise, skills, experience and knowledge. And we just happen to be the largest demographic group in Australia. There is power in our s.

Changing the names we are called may begin to change the way we are perceived. We should get to decide how we define ourselves and what we are called. Please follow and like us:. Leave a Reply Want to the discussion? Feel free to contribute! WomanGoingPlaces by [ protected].

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