Bored swf just wana to chat

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The devs have stated they balance perks around the solo play experience, so when comms are added, SWF have a massive advantage. One person in a SWF running Object of Obsession had the ability to let everyone on the team keep track of the killers actions at all times, which is the primary reason it was recently changed. When a killer goes to chase someone in one corner of the map, the other 3 survivors immediately know they're safe to do whatever they want when on comms. With 4 players not on comms, that information is only available if the person being chased is the obsession, or through the use of specific perks.

The player base doesn't hate you for playing SWF, they hate BHVR for refusing to address it and balance a team game around communicating with a team. It's even more infuriating when you go to the BHVR discord and see that they have dozens of SWF chat lobbies available for use, and then continue to balance perk strength for the solo player.

Even if they didn't add voice comms into the game itself, they could add an in game text chat function for the solos, and then balance around chat, but they either don't want to, or can't do that either. You and your friends catch flak for playing SWF because honestly, it's more likely that you're going to listen to the feedback than BHVR will. DbD is balanced around the survivors not being able to communicate unless they are using in game emotes or some other form of nonverbal communication.

Being on a discord call and meta gaming info about the killer, totem locations, gen progress, etc makes the game much harder than intended for the killer, and can sometimes completely invalidate certain perks or add ons a killer is using, while also granting bonuses to survivors they typically would need to use a perk for. For example, being on a discord call and talking to each other basically eliminated the Kindred perk from the game since you can just verbally share that info with your friends.

I run Kindred even when I'm on comms with my friends because they're all lovable idiots who are more likely to sandbag me or give me misinformation instead. Because SWF death squ exist. Most SWFs are just a bunch of buddies wanting to chill but every so often theres a death squad of elite chinese players with 4 BNP who want nothing more than to not play the game while playing the game.

The comms that SWF give u are also kinda busted when compared to solo Q so that is a thing too. As for friends, this game is not very popular in my country and everyone else would rather just play CS instead, so most of my SWF friends are ones I made online.

Survivors in a SWF are also way stronger than a single killer, the power curve goes as follows. So a lot of killers just dont like going against SWFs because it can feel unfair and demoralizing, especially bully squ.

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In all, just dont listen to the salt. Continue to enjoy playing with ur friends and ignore the salty people. Its not that hard. So it would be. Sry man, was tryna use it as an arrow, but couldnt find an arrow so yeah. Chinese part its just cuz my server gets a lot of chinese people using VPN to play in our servers.

Some servers tend to get the Chinese players more then others. When you see a lobby of of them you know it's going to be painful. Its a game dude not real life. You are weird. Says you! You are arguing abt it on reddit! And yeah, sure, I am a wimp. I never said I do it. But from my experience a lot of people are like that.

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You strike me as that kind of person as well. Probably complain abt NOED and nurse mains. Dbd is a game where information is key, they can't forbid SWF teams from using comms but having it as a built-in feature would just be the same as adjusting the game so survivors can always win. Solo queue can be dreadful and I know it because I play on my own, but comms would just ruin the game completely for killers and make countless of perks useless.

A friend invited me to play once using Discord with some of his friends and I found it extremely boring, it makes the game lose half of what makes it unique, so I don't find it dated, it's just how it was deed to be, I'm not saying that you shouldn't do it, but I'll certainly avoid a lobby as a killer if I suspect is a SWF team. I agree heavily. Used to always run comms, then a friend insisted playing no comms, and it was so much fun. I started to prefer soloQ when I stopped caring about winning.

Also now I win way more too. For the same reason why people get yelled for playing spirit or all see wraith nobody likes to play against overpowered things. At the end of the day a lot of people on this sub love to complain. Simply put the killer lost so he's got to blame something other than himself. I've been accused of SWFing when solo queuing.

I'm not arguing its strengths or weaknesses. In the right hands swfing is strong.

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Just, every killer who can't self reflect is going to find some excuse to explain their loss. Proximity chat should be a thing. How loud you talk should be heard by both killer and survivor, depending on range. It is more that DbD is extremely dated. No in-game chat feature. Comms should be available within the game so that boost in survivor play is ed for in both killer and survivor perks. So the complaint is generally misinterpreted and misconstrued as anger towards strong SWF teams rather than the lack of comms for solo queue survivor. Hell, I even got chewed out by a former friend for failing to save someone in basement.

And then going down in basement too. He was seriously pissed at me. Yeah, I know. I'm not the most disciplined player though, I tend to think "I'll just type "GG, WP", surely they'll appreciate that and be cool". That's on me. To be fair, Tru3 says things like that while keeping in mind high rank players.

He isn't talking about those wanting to play casually. He's talking about how it is almost impossible to play well as killer against an organised swf. Plenty of videos that prove this too. The problem is there is no clear way to tell if a group is a swf, especially with MMR making solo survivor teams stronger and more coordinated. Then, they attack people in post game chat calling them a swf on easy mode, even if they really are all solos.

The new thing is assuming all survivors that beat you have stretch res. Like these things do exist, but it gets to a point where killers blame all losses on these things rather than accepting they made a lot of mistakes in some matches where they played a solo team that was good. I dont really care about SWF at all but many killer mains hate it because the game normally have lobbies balanced to have good players and worse players.

This means that the killer likely can have fast chases against some of the players but others are harder to chase. With SWF this can make it be 4 good players making each chase last longer on average then in a all solo match would and leaves no room for error on the killers part as gens are likely to also be done way faster. Speaking from experience when solo queuing there will often be 2 players who just dont ever do gens at all and give free hits etc. Because people that play this game are sore losers. Truth is, good survivors know what they should be doing and have good game sense. Think of it this way, the people complaining to you have no way of knowing if you're swf, they probably shout crap at people every match they lose regardless if they're solo or swf.

And they're fooling themselves if they think they only lose to swf. It's just salty killers wanting to blame everyone else for their mistakes. Ignore them and play to have fun. Winning games as SWF is so easy lol. My friends and I used to do it everytime. Have one survivor always do gens. The three survivors take turn looping the killer. Have one survivor run the killer, after using an exhaustion perk and getting a hit the second survivor runs in and get the killers attention and the third survivor heals the first survivor and repeat.

We used to win games in a row in the nights we play until we get bored. Swfs break the game lmao. Bullshit lol, no just no. The majority of swf teams are just friends playing together casually. The kill stats of the game prove you wrong. Read what I said again. Nowhere did I say every swf are a sweaty bunch lol. But there are enough to make killer mains annoyed by it. And yes 4 man sweaty swf means no fun time for killers lol. Most of the games my friends and I run the killers would be lucky to get one or two hooks before we all escape.

Only the best killers could maybe get 1 kill and those are usually bubbas straight up camping with NOED when all the gens are done. Btw the best troll games is when the deated gen guy is also the chest guy so he can find a key and we all escape with only 3 gens done lol. Idk, experiences are going to vary but only when I was newer did this work on me when I played killer. You eventually learn how to deal with that and stop it, which isn't as hard as people make it out to be.

I escape more frequently in solo, however, because I play more seriously then. Good killers know how to pressure multiple survivors at once. Granted we aren't sweaty at all, but saying "oh we escaped 20 games in a row" means nothing especially in the old ranking system. People would rank up fast and be outclassed jury is out on mmr. Ganging up on multiple killers with only a hundred hours or so is easy.

It's easy on solo too though as long as your team doesn't tank the match. I like these games from time to time. If the survivors just collapse early during the match what's the point in playing? There's no challenge then. That is flashlight saves pallet stuns, head on, etc. Which is the majority of swf groups do when they're looking to mess with the killer.

These things are easy to deal with than the rare truly optimal swf group. Sounds like you get a lot of killers who don't know when to end a chase or what areas are safe and can be exploited. That's a matter of their skill though not swf. Good solo survivors know what they should be doing at any time. The difficulty there comes in not with lack of access to comms but with getting paired with good players. It's a 1v4 game and you're likely using an outside program to communicate with your friends, therefore: cheating.

If survivors were supposed to be able to talk to each other it would make proximity based noise in the game and the killer would be able to hear it and zero in on you. The only communications you get in game are pointing and waving for people to "come here" for a reason. Why the fuck does anyone buy this game to play alone? My swf is literally worse than my solo queue teams. Yet we still get shit on for being a swf lol. Question self explanatory.

Because game is balanced around soloq and swf is ridiculous amount of advantage for free. Agree with you minus the Chinese part, never noticed any sort of pattern re that. Swf is easy mode and some killers dont like that they have no option to opt out. With how toxic this community can be Naturally there would be a mute feature. If they forgot that then I'd be flabbergasted.

I actually kinda wish I could disable the post game chat that does exist.

Bored swf just wana to chat

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Put voice chat in the game or get rid of SWF?