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The manifesto inspires a feminist movement at her high school, and Eliza begins to question what feminism means to her as she navigates friendship and love, along with being the voice of change.

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Eliza harbors a lot of internalized misogyny despite claiming to be a feminist. As we learn more about Eliza and the other girls from the book, we start to see the different ways feminism could be manifested.

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Even though the novel tries to offer an intricate take on intersectional feminism, race was barely discussed throughout the story. Quach is smart in her attempt to deliver insightful dialogue about sexism but falls short of providing the cultural nuances needed to advocate for solidarity between different groups of people.

In both cases, neither character had a real opportunity to let their own personalities shine through and by leaning on these kinds of stereotypes, Quach weakens the message she wants to send about feminism. Summer L. But here she is, writing and eating vegan kaldereta at the same time.

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