Age looks irrelevent

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In the fashion and beauty world of late there has been a great push to feature older women in campaigns.

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How refreshing to finally have some real faces, with character, wisdom and expression. I realised, that as women who have reached a certain stage in years and where life is suddenly more flexible, how lucky we are. The world is ours for the taking. Time is on our side, we have more of it and we are living longer. It is a priviledge and an advantage. Those of us who have are in exactly the right place at the right time. Limits should be set with sense, with knowledge and with self-confidence. Age no longer defines what is in and what is out. Looking after ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally should be top priority.

Staying abreast of what is happening, studying the trends and excercising our awareness are the ways to remain agile and flexible. Look at those beautiful nonnas accessorised in red, living and laughing with flair. Do we look at their facial lines or their less than tight jawlines, their greying hair?

All I see is joy, lives well lived and some rock star handbags and seriously cool hair accessories. In This Post: conversationslifestyleshopping stories. Dear Vicki, thank you for this. Perfect timing. I turned 44 today and there are days when I feel low in the spirits because I am not in my 20s anymore.

But this post just made me realise that we can continue to be ourselves right do to vintage age. Loree, you are such a true beauty — inside and out! We are in, Vicki!! And I think retailers and deers get that more and more every day. It is such an exciting time of life…why not say that with our own style! Love the photo…precious! Yes, we are Pam. It is only been in recent years I am 62 that I have with confidence been able to accept the aging process.

And guess what? Finally, I accept each and every line as part of my journey; part of my life story. As always Vicki you bring sunshine into my morning coffee! Thank you! Imagine if our life stories were not recognisable… how sad that would be… And yes, we have one chance and we must make it tell the story we want… : thank you Stefanie….

The French and Asians have always respected age and experience. I volunteer for an animal rescue…. Vive la difference! Yes, exactly… a mix of ages where we can all play to our strengths is the best of all… :. Include the double whammy of also having Vitiligo, it can be difficult to embrace aging…but I would not chose the alternative. You had me laughing with you with your… look like aliens… remark. How true!

That expression makes me chuckle too. These are very independent women that everyone should educate their daughters to become. Not merely some consumer for a vain shallow life. Independance in every way is by far the most desirable quality… Thank you Kathy, you have given me an idea, I need to add this topic to my series on the best kept beauty secrets… :. Vicki I feel like it is finally our place in history where women of a certain age are celebrated and honored. More than ever! But people are living longer and companies are shifting gears to send the message that maybe we are acceptable after all.

I love this Nonna image. If you really think about it these ladies likely wore headpieces and carried little bags like this many years ago. Fashion is forever repeating. Nothing is ever new, is it. Age has never bothered me. Hugs — Mary. Dear Vicki, thank you for reminding us that true beauty is what emanates from our souls.

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What a beautiful post this morning both inside and out. You took the words right out of my mouth. This very topic has been on my mind lately. Your words gave me a wonderful perspective. Mine too… and I probbly could have ranted on for ages… but I think we are all on the same in any case… :. Until the very end her mind was sharp although her tongue became softershe prayed, read, and listened to her favorite music every day. I still miss being able to call her for advice of any kind. And sometimes we looked almost as well in them!

What a lovely story Anna, how incredible to be as sharp and relevant at ! Here is hoping… :. I have looked after my skin from a very early age 12 I thinkeat everything and enjoy a glass of wine, exercise Pilates and am in better physical shape than ever. Wear whatever I feel like and am told that I look fabulous and not my age. Those lines are well-earned and tell the story of your life! Thanks Vicky — great post!

I feel Fabulous Dahling :. I am going to go for the Godfather trilogy next chance I get… Thank you… :. I love how these women look!!!

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They are regal and stately and mature…. I would certainly take orders from them. Thank you for showing this to us, Vicki. Me too… and I forgot to say in the post that I adored the nonnas wearing all black with red accents… until I find my rose tiara I am keeping that red lipstick well and truly refreshed!

I have read a lot about those Nonnas but I really loved your piece — you pushed away a lot of the meaningless verbiage it has been so very easy to see when those articles were written by PYTs to get to the heart of it.

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Ha Ha… one day! They are almost worn out, I wear them every day… need a new look if I am going into the selfie business…. As you have talked about in some of your posts, knowing and choosing the right fashion for us as individuals is what fashion and beauty is all about.

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I am 46 and I have just enrolled in the Fashion De course that I should have done when I first left school. We are living longer and our working lives are longer too so I figure I still have another 30 working years to fill in! Enjoy the course, Lorraine, I know you will… and that is so the point, we have so may years to live fulfilling and interesting lives… there is no time to wait… :. Inspiring in every way! Leslie Segreto Finishes. I love that photo. I go for simple and classic. We are in the middle of summer and its very hot.

Age looks irrelevent

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Dolce & Gabbana, Their Nonnas And Why Age Is Irrelevant To Fashion